Weekend Fun.

This past weekend Trevor and I took a drive out to Westham Island in Ladner. We ended up at the
Reifel Bird Sanctuary . The drive on the island was so peaceful, all country roads with miles and miles of farmland. The sanctuary was amazing. We hit it lucky because that day was the fist hatch of ducklings! Omg, sooo cute! They came right up to the edge of the water where we were standing and the whole time the mama duck was squawking at them to get back to their marshy roost. She had a bakers dozen, could you imagine.....13 babies??? Yikes, it's enough work having one at a time! We had Paige with us and she was able to buy a bag of bird feed and hand feed the different ducks and birds. She had cranes eating out of her hand! We lucked out with the weather too, a beautiful sunny Sunday. I highly recommend heading out to the sanctuary if you haven't been already. We will surely go again over the next few months. Check out the great photos of the birds I got just standing around waiting to be photographed!

This outlook was at the end of one of the paths, you could see for miles! Ironically it was named the "Trevor Scott" flaig, which is my husbands name!

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Unknown said...

Beautiful Nik. You got the pure essence of the place! Makes me want to go there :-)


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