Picture of the it is, and I think this is great idea.
Becky Higgins inspired. Have you ever had a day where you could snap a picture and say "this is my day" right here in this one shot, sums it up! That could be my day....every day. There is always something that makes me go, hmmmmmm. Why did this day end up this way? Good or bad. It's a fun project, if you are inspired by your days, your should capture it and remember it!
So this is mine on this fabulous day.....I decided to wash my kitchen floor. Not like it's unusual, expect for the fact that I had no mop. Not sure what happened to my mop, it was on the back porch and I think it might have blown off in the windstorm last week and broke upon impact. So okay, I keep saying to myself "don't forget to buy a mop" whenever I go to get groceries (which is almost every day). Every day I come home and say "crud....I forgot to buy a mop". Today I don't care, I fill the sink with Oxy floor cleaner and hot water and grab my cloth, get on my hand & knees and scrub my floor. I admire my looks and smells sparkly clean. I stretch out my arms, back, and's worth it!
I decide to make an awesome homemade spaghetti dinner ~ you know where this is going, right? I'm cleaning up after dinner....put the leftover sauce and noodles in a container for someones lunch tomorrow...and........S*P*L*A*T* drop the whole thing upside down on my freshly cleaned kitchen floor!!! I am now going to rewash my floor, on my hands & knees (cause I forgot to buy a mop) at 8:00pm. That's my day....what's yours???? Be sure to share, it's theraputic!


Unknown said...

I gues that means your birthday is over Nik.Hope you enjoyed Joseph.
I can so relate to your picture and story.I have a very bad relationship with anything Tomato.
Shook a bottle of Ketchup one day
not knowing the top was loose.I christened me, Auntie Bev,Auntie Lor. and your Mom.They were not happy!!! LOL Nan

Nikki Scott said...

Well thanks for sharing Nan! I'm sure everyone must have a story of this calibure. But do you have a picutue? I bet you wish you did! Even though it's not funny at the get your camera out and snap a shot, you see the humour in it!!
Love you xoxoxox


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