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Whoo-hoo, I finally have my fabulous new blog design. I contacted Diana from 
Custom Blog Designs and asked her update my cookie cutter blog to something fresh and funky. We worked together on the vision I had and this is what we came up with. I Love it! I even have a "button" for fellow bloggers to grab...so cool!
I have some new photos to post along with my new blog design. We went away for the Easter weekend and stayed at our family's recreational property by the beach. It figures our nice relaxing weekend turned out to be one of the biggest wind storms I've ever experienced down there! The waves from the Ocean were raging and the wind was so strong that billows of sand would come up and sting your face. It was so crazy! I was trying to get down as close as I could to the biggest, wildest waves to get some amazing shots all the while my eyes ran streaming tears and I really couldn't see anything with my hair whipping across my face, and trying to hold myself steady against the hurricane.......at least that's what it felt like at the time :)
I also got some great shots of a barn that has been standing for over 100 years and still in use for boarding horses and two pot bellied pigs. The owner of the farm brought Paige in to see the pigs and feed the donkeys. There isn't a moment of dull when we are at the cabin. Even in the wind storm, the Easter Bunny managed to make it down to hide some eggs!!
If you want to see a photo in a larger size, just click on it...and it should open in a new window.

Ok, so here is my daughter Paige in the windstorm on the beach.....looking even more beautiful! Below you will find a picture of me in the same windstorm on the same beach.....looking like someone you would want to avoid ~


Lisa said...

Looks fabulous Nikki--good job. Also love the pic of you on the beach--haha!!
P.S. I can finally comment.

Nikki Scott said...

Yay ~ so glad you can leave a comment now! Did you see my button?? Instead of a text link you can use this on your blog to connect people to mine. You just copy & paste the code below....not sure if you can use it on Wordpress?

Unknown said...

As always,very lovely to look at
and read Nik.Glad the sea did not sweep you away.What a smashing barn

Unknown said...

Congratulations Nikki! You have a real talent. Your photos are very impressive and worth looking at over and over. I never know what will surprise me next, you have a great imagination and an excellent eye. Looking forward to the next surprise.
Your new blog should open many doors!!


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