Sunday, May 22, 2011

Paige | The Garden Series.

I started the Garden Series last little Paigey LOVES to dig in the dirt and nuture her veggies and flowers. We decided to giver her a little mini garden that she is responsible for this year. We took her to the garden center and let her pick out some flowers....most of them PINK. She picked out the cutest little ladybug garden pick and was proud as punch with her finished masterpiece. She said the big pink flower in the middle was the Queen and all the little flowers around it are the guards.....hahaha, such an imagination. This is just the beginning. I'll be sure to update the Garden Series throughout the summer.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amreen | Sneak Peek | Surrey, BC

Here is a little Sneak Peek of Miss Amreen. At 5 weeks old, she was a definitly older than I usually shoot for a newborn session.....but mom really wanted to get the session done regardless. She was certainly more aware and active than the curly newbie age. It took alot of work from mom shushing and bouncing and feeding to get her to sleep for a few minutes at a time. I had to be quick with my shot and get the best I could before she started to flail her little fists and demand more rocking from mom. Here she is sweetly sleeping with the most adorable lips ever.....

McGibbons' | Family session | Surrey, BC

Meet the McGibbon family! Dad contacted me to set up a family portrait session which included his four children. In my mind I was thinking young kids.....but when we met up they were four gorgeous teenaged girls!! All my initial portrait ideas of kids snuggling up on mom & dads lap vanished. I had to think quickly on how I could have the images look like a loving family yet still show these girls as independent and confident. Luckily, this family was easy going, full of humour (especially dad!) and had no problem suggling up to one another:) I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this family and with such a naturally photogenic style every shot was perfection ~ it was hard to choose a few to show off on the blog!  

Friday, May 13, 2011

Lily | Newborn | Studio

Adorable sweet little Lily!! Mom & dad came to me for their Expecting session, see it here and here just a week and a bit before miss Lily made her early entrance into the world. I just think it's so neat when I get to photograph the baby belly & then meet the baby behind the bump once he or she arrives. Lily came to see me at 10 days new on Easter Sunday and brought along some beautiful Lilys to use as a fun prop. I couldn't get enough of her lashes and lips, she was just perfect in every way and once she drifted off was happy to let me pose and play! Thankyou Brandi & Chris for letting me capture these two most wonderful times which are both so quick and fleeting. I'm sure you see how fast Lily is changing and growing, but now have these precious images of sweetness to cherish forever! Everyone please welcome Miss Lily to the blog :)
These new custom collages are available for purchase. Any images from your session can be used and would look great as a framed print or canvas for your baby's nursery!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Charleigh | Newborn | Studio

Welcome baby Charleigh. What a doll, she spent most of the entire session happily snoozing away. There was lots of chatter and activity all around her from big sister, but not a bit disturbed, she kept sleeping away. We had lots of fun using some of my newest backdrops and floors. I was also able to introduce one of my latest newborn props....the "giggle hat". Dad is a proud Mountie and brought along his boots and hat for us to use with his new baby girl ~ I just love it when families can bring in something special and meaningful to use in a session. It was so fabulous meeting this family I'm sure there is going to be many busy days ahead for them with two of the cutest little girls to keep them on their toes. 
Without further adieu......miss Charleigh!


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