Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30th ~ I {heart} Faces, Dramatic Black & White entry

This is my first entry into the photo contest for http://www.iheartfaces.com/ , they run a contest each week and I thought it would be fun to start entering some of my photos. This one is for the entry of Dramtic Black & White. It has to evoke a dramatic or moody feel to the viewer and have at least one person in it. I thought this one had some moodyness to it so I submitted it! We'll see what happens. Mind you, there are over 1,000 participants right now.....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Country Lanes

Little boys and the country.....what could be a better match? I took these two cutie little brothers out to discover the "country" which was really just a bird sanctuary 20 minutes from town. We were still on Spring Break from school, the rain had stopped and we made a run for it! They did just as I expected little boys to do.....laugh, run, explore, find the best rocks to throw in the streams and try to catch frogs.
The mud in places was up to our knees, and the wind was blowing cold ~ that didn't stop us from having the best time. I love watching siblings bond when they are discovering a new world around them. Big brother running ahead blazing the trail, while little brother runs with all his might to keep up. Not wanting to miss out on anything. Laughing and exhilerated and wanting to be carried back to the car...too tired to take another step! That's country life, boys.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Little Girls & Daffodils

Spring time photo shoot. I had lots of really neat cute ideas I wanted to try out for Spring. The weather finally started to cooperate, so I gathered up my models and a few props and headed out to my favourite local park for a session. See the results below, I'm pretty happy with what I got!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This little girl is so full of energy! She is so happy and loves to squeal with laughter. Always on the go and looking for the next adventure, it's exhausting just keeping up with her! Such a cutie.

Just shootin' some pool.

Some more photos of the kids from our Whistler trip. Shootin' some pool in the Longhorn pub. It was pretty cool. We ordered the most awesome fully loaded platter of Nachos ever. The kids thought they were "all that" as they have never been in a pub before with the music pumping and playing pool, while heading over to their bar stool and poppin back a few nachos, slurrping down some iced tea. Living the life, there were smiles all around!! Oh, and the fact that there were many Olympians from all over the world sitting around us cheering the boys on was pretty insane. We can't wait to go back for another weekend soon!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Well, Hello Spring!

Spring has Sprung! Gorgeous warm sunny weather. The kids and I have been out walking everyday. Everyday there is new flowers bursting through the soil and trees getting fatter with popcorn-like blossoms. The scent is amazing, the color vibrant. I love Spring!

If you haven't done so, get out and smell the flowers!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crescent Beach

I decided that my daughter and I needed a Beach Day! She has still been feeling a little blue since the loss of her budgie, Tango. I thought the perfect pick-me-up kind of afternoon could be at the beach. With a quick drive after skating lessons last Sunday, we ended up walking along the sand in the sunshine, breathing in the salty ocean air and listening to the waves and seagulls cry out to each other.....Perfection!
We pretty much had the place to ourselves since every other breathing, living person was taking in the last Olympic event ~ Canada vs USA gold hockey game.
We weren't completely out of the loop though...with the abrupt hooting, hollaring and yes, even fireworks from all the beach houses around us, we knew.....Canada Won Gold!
We celebrated with ice-cream cones and a beautiful sunset.

Just couldn't resist throwing this one up....GOld Canada GOld!!


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