Julianne | North Delta; Headshot Photographer

Remember the Sneak Peek of beautiful Julianne?? Well here are some more photos from the shoot. This girl is amazing...almost every shot turned out stunning! She had a way of turning into the camera at the perfect angle and nailing the look we were after. In between the shots she was your typical pre-teen girl, full of bounce and giggles. I look at the photos now and she comes across as so much older and experienced.... WOW, she knows how to work it.  
She is also an amazing figure skater and wanted to have some shots of her with her skates for her agent portfolio. She has decided for the time being to hang up her skates to pursue other adventures in life. She wants to get into the acting world and I am happy to say as I am posting this blog....she is at an audition right now, using the only one headshot I had given her from the sneak peek!!  She is going to be fabulous and I wish her all the best in her new career!


No clean dishes....

So I don't know about you, but if I can't find a clean dish like a bowl or spoon....we are always running out of clean bowls and spoons. Especially after I made homemade soup for dinner last night. Anyways, what I would do is possibly wash a bowl and a spoon. Right?? Well, in the mind of a 14 year old teenage boy....that is not an option. Nope, he uses his innovative mind and finds an alternate way to eat his breakfast cereal without having to do one dish. This is what welcomed me when I went in the kitchen....

Really??? I think it would have been alot easier to maybe do a couple dishes than try to eat my cereal out of a pot with a ladle! Welcome to my morning....I couldn't help but laugh & share!


Zara | North Delta Newborn Photographer

I am happy to introduce baby girl Zara to the blog. This little sweetheart was only 15 days old at the time of the shoot. She was supposed to be sleeping when she arrived, but decided to stay up and play. She was so good letting me arrange her with all my props. She was also very strong...lifting her head and pulling herself forward, mom had never seen her so active! After a bottle and cuddle from mom, she fell fast asleep and we got some beautiful, peaceful shots. It was wonderful meeting miss Zara and her mommy. I had so much fun with this yummy little one, and came away with some fantastic photos for them to cherish.


Headshot Sneak Peek...

I have been busy today! After my newborn session this morning I moved right along to a pre-teen session. This is Julianne and she wanted me take some headshots for her portfolio. She was so much fun and kept me laughing. Here is a Sneak Peek at her afternoon session and of course, there will be more to come later.

Sneak Peek...

As promised here is a Sneak Peek of the photo shoot I did this morning. Little baby Zara only 15 days old. More to come later!!


After the Rain.

A few photos I took of my garden after a spring rain.

I love Spring when everything is so new, fresh and bright. Everyday you go outside and see something popping up from the soil that wasn't there the day before. Walking the kids to school the scent in the air is heavy with lilac and jasmine. Glade could never make a room freshner as sweet and natural as Mother Nature!


Weekend Fun.

This past weekend Trevor and I took a drive out to Westham Island in Ladner. We ended up at the
Reifel Bird Sanctuary . The drive on the island was so peaceful, all country roads with miles and miles of farmland. The sanctuary was amazing. We hit it lucky because that day was the fist hatch of ducklings! Omg, sooo cute! They came right up to the edge of the water where we were standing and the whole time the mama duck was squawking at them to get back to their marshy roost. She had a bakers dozen, could you imagine.....13 babies??? Yikes, it's enough work having one at a time! We had Paige with us and she was able to buy a bag of bird feed and hand feed the different ducks and birds. She had cranes eating out of her hand! We lucked out with the weather too, a beautiful sunny Sunday. I highly recommend heading out to the sanctuary if you haven't been already. We will surely go again over the next few months. Check out the great photos of the birds I got just standing around waiting to be photographed!

This outlook was at the end of one of the paths, you could see for miles! Ironically it was named the "Trevor Scott" flaig, which is my husbands name!



Picture of the it is, and I think this is great idea.
Becky Higgins inspired. Have you ever had a day where you could snap a picture and say "this is my day" right here in this one shot, sums it up! That could be my day....every day. There is always something that makes me go, hmmmmmm. Why did this day end up this way? Good or bad. It's a fun project, if you are inspired by your days, your should capture it and remember it!
So this is mine on this fabulous day.....I decided to wash my kitchen floor. Not like it's unusual, expect for the fact that I had no mop. Not sure what happened to my mop, it was on the back porch and I think it might have blown off in the windstorm last week and broke upon impact. So okay, I keep saying to myself "don't forget to buy a mop" whenever I go to get groceries (which is almost every day). Every day I come home and say "crud....I forgot to buy a mop". Today I don't care, I fill the sink with Oxy floor cleaner and hot water and grab my cloth, get on my hand & knees and scrub my floor. I admire my looks and smells sparkly clean. I stretch out my arms, back, and's worth it!
I decide to make an awesome homemade spaghetti dinner ~ you know where this is going, right? I'm cleaning up after dinner....put the leftover sauce and noodles in a container for someones lunch tomorrow...and........S*P*L*A*T* drop the whole thing upside down on my freshly cleaned kitchen floor!!! I am now going to rewash my floor, on my hands & knees (cause I forgot to buy a mop) at 8:00pm. That's my day....what's yours???? Be sure to share, it's theraputic!


Princess Tea Party

My beautiful little girls all dressed up like princesses for a tea party. My daughter and her best friend, they are as close as sisters. Some days are great and some days they get on each others last nerve. They are only six weeks apart and are regularly mistaken for twins. With big blue eyes, they melt everyones heart. I let them use my best bone china and hot chocolate. I couldn't help but to grab my camera and capture this classic little girl past-time! One wore the tiara and the other wore pearls. Both were so priceless! Love you guys.
Stay tuned for a newborn photo shoot next week.....


New Blog Design...

Whoo-hoo, I finally have my fabulous new blog design. I contacted Diana from 
Custom Blog Designs and asked her update my cookie cutter blog to something fresh and funky. We worked together on the vision I had and this is what we came up with. I Love it! I even have a "button" for fellow bloggers to cool!
I have some new photos to post along with my new blog design. We went away for the Easter weekend and stayed at our family's recreational property by the beach. It figures our nice relaxing weekend turned out to be one of the biggest wind storms I've ever experienced down there! The waves from the Ocean were raging and the wind was so strong that billows of sand would come up and sting your face. It was so crazy! I was trying to get down as close as I could to the biggest, wildest waves to get some amazing shots all the while my eyes ran streaming tears and I really couldn't see anything with my hair whipping across my face, and trying to hold myself steady against the least that's what it felt like at the time :)
I also got some great shots of a barn that has been standing for over 100 years and still in use for boarding horses and two pot bellied pigs. The owner of the farm brought Paige in to see the pigs and feed the donkeys. There isn't a moment of dull when we are at the cabin. Even in the wind storm, the Easter Bunny managed to make it down to hide some eggs!!
If you want to see a photo in a larger size, just click on it...and it should open in a new window.

Ok, so here is my daughter Paige in the windstorm on the beach.....looking even more beautiful! Below you will find a picture of me in the same windstorm on the same beach.....looking like someone you would want to avoid ~


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