Hayden | little miss springtime sunshine!

Can't help but play...when one of my daycare kids comes in all dressed up in the cutest little outfit, my shutter button finger twitches! Miss Hayden...cutie pie....we had fun!
Check out her BOOTS! Mommy said they were too big, but Hayden had to wear them...I'm so glad she did:)


Jaxon | Newborn | Cloverdale

This one may be for the Laaaydaaays....if ya'll know what I'm saying! I've got some awesome images of my beautiful friend Anita's family. They welcomed their fourth child, a baby boy a few weeks ago. I couldn't wait to get over there with my camera and capture this family of now SIX! I have always love taking Anita's kids portraits, they are unbelievably easy to shoot...always look sooo adorable and know just the shot I am looking for. This was no exception...super fabulous results and little Jaxon knew just what was expected of! We were able to convince daddy Joe into a few shirtless shots ~ a timeless classic look with his new baby boy. I had so much fun...can't until the next shoot! Congrats my beautiful friend, you make mommyhood look way to easy!
Here is baby Jaxon at 7 days old.


38 Weeks | Sheila & Ryan | Expecting

Fabulous, gorgeous Sheila & Ryan. Such a pleasure to photograph this couple and their big baby bump! Here is a few pics of what I had to work with today and just another reason why....I love my passion.


Brotherly Love.....

I met this great family today and had so much fun snapping some photos. Here are just a couple of the little adorable!


Catching up on the challenge.

All right ya'll, I'm already playing catch-up. Arg...I have been taking daily photos for the 365 challenge I just haven't been able to edit and make them blog ready everyday. So here is what I have completed so far. This may end up being a weekly spotlight rather than a daily dose. No matter, you will get a very good idea of my daily life as a mom 2 three, full-time licensed child care provider, dedicated wife, and aspiring lifestyle photographer. Here is my next set of storytelling images!


Emma's birthday surprise!

I mentioned a couple of days ago I was going to a special little girls birthday party where Royalty was expected to arrive. Emma was turning 7 and her mommy had the ultimate secret plan. The theme of the party was "Under the Sea" the invitations sent out were little treasure bottles filled with sand, shells and a message about the party. But, no one had any idea that Princess Ariel was going to arrive as a guest!! My super-duper awesome good friend and most favourite neighbour Heidi asked me if I would mind taking some photos of the kids with the princess......are you kidding?? All I needed was a room with some great natural lighting my new backdrop stand, some seamless white paper and my trusty camera. I was set. (don't think that was quite what she meant ~ go big or go home, which really was just next door, I say!) What I wasn't expecting was this princess to come in and belt out a tune from the Little Mermaid movie like she was straight out of Disneyland. Ah-Maz-Ing! I have included the video, you have to watch it. I don't think the girls blinked once...
Fabulous job as always Miss Heid...all the kids had so much you gonna top this next year??!!
Heidi and her girls. Hannah & birthday girl Emms, who was sporting a missing front tooth and loved to stick her tongue through the hole for most picts!

Here are a few of the birthday guests having their photo op with Ariel. These were later given out the girls to put in the homemade frames decorated with shells they made at the party.

Of course had to use a photo from this day to document my 365 challenge. (I know a little behind, but I have a post coming up with some serious catching up to do on that)
Here is the video. Really, you need to click PLAY! (make sure you mute my blog's music player at the bottom of the page so you don't have two songs playing at once!)


Coulson Family | Farmhouse | Surrey, BC

Here are a few images from the Coulson's Family Session. We managed to meet up on a winter's day that was still cold enough to have some frosty effects for our photos but the sun was shining for some great warm color! Sandra had contacted me and said she had a family of four with two teenagers. This was such a refreshing change for me as I am very used to shooting with many little ones for family sessions. I got to try out a few new ideas. These photos were also special as they signified a special wedding anniversary for mom & dad.......and a son who is graduating this year. I love capturing the heart of life and this was definitely one of those moments! What a great new family to work with, it was wonderful meeting you all! Enjoy your photos. 


When my dear friend Anita told me she was expecting baby number four I couldn't believe it, but at the same time it didn't suprise me. She has always loved kids and before she had any of her own, she loved mine! She comes from a family of four ~ two boys and two she has her own family of four, also the perfect count of two girls and two boys. The latest addition, Master Jaxon Joseph lives up to the adorable Aikins name and did not dissapoint as I went over to meet him and introduce him to my camera. (He'll get to know it well :) Here is my photo challenge image for today...9/365.
Many more to come and maybe some a little too steamy for the blog....when Jaxon's daddy bears it all. Okay well not ALL ~ but his torso is pretty impressive!



It's Christmas morning, we are all in our prespective gift opening spots throughout the livingroom. You know the kids would never want their gifts to get mixed up in someone else's stash. So Trev in his Santa hat starts to hand out the gifts, paper and tags are flying, smiling faces, thankyous and hugs. Then he hands a gift to Aidan my middle child, my youngest son..."This one is for mom" Trev says. Aidan lights up and comes to sit beside me as he hands me my gift from him. "You will LOVE this, I searched everywhere for it" he says, with a grin & dimples that could melt anyones heart. Well, certainly I have no choice now but to LOVE it no matter what it may be. I open it up to discover a 1950's looking cardboard box that looks as though it has been around the block a few times. There are pictures and literature about the healing effects of the Salt Cystal Lamp on the box. Hmmmmmm...I am thinking that there must be something else in the box why would he ever get me a Salt lamp?? By now he is bursting and looking at me with eyes as big as saucers and his grin is now even bigger (if that is even possible) I open the box and.......pull out a Salt Crystal Lamp. "Wow, Aidan," before I could say anymore he jumps up and starts to tell me the whole story. "He saw it in a health store and knew right away I would love it...they were so beautiful and all different sizes and he talked dad into buying the bigger one than he wanted to.....and he forgot where the store was but ran through the mall and made dad keep up with him until he found it again......and don't you LOVE it????" I looked at him and smiled a great big smile, "Yes, Aidan, I LOVE it!" As much as I thought this would be a gift that sat somewhere on a shelf and represented another Christmas with kids......I was wrong. This lamp sits right beside me and my computer and every night after dinner is done and the kids are settled I sit by it's warm glow and edit......and LOVE it. It really is beautiful, just like my Aidan.


Photo Challenge day 6&7...

Whoops, I did post day 6 on FB but forgot to post it on my blog. So here are both days at one time. Day 6...I finished putting together the wedding package for Tamara & Jeremy and it was ready for pick-up. That was my last wedding for 2010 and I am now working on bookings for 2011.

Day 7....well you know when you have just had a couple of days or even a week of things just not going right or some self doubt on the path in life that you're on??? It always makes such an impact when someone comes along at the right time and WHAM, hits you with confidence. I have one client in particular who just seems to know when I need the Wham and today she walked in with a Vanilla Latte in hand.....for me. It was just what I needed. A little "just because you're you" coffee on a Friday morning. It made me smile and take a picture of the day. Thanks Kim!


365 day photo challenge.

Okay, so I wasn't going to do it...but have been inspired by so many others to give it a shot. Because I don't have enough going on in my life (insert extreme sarcasism here) I have decided to take on the Challenge! Although I am cheating a bit and starting at day 5...better late than never I say! I will take one photo every day to respresent my life for this full year. Yay, sounds like fun right?? I'll tell you right now many of the images will be of my three kids. They are a huge, like 99.9% of my life on a daily basis. I am learning to carve out some independence and representation of who I am and what I love....but really???? I love them. The most. I would sacrifice my time, for their time, any time. However, as they get older I am finding my own time coming more and more. So, we will see where this year takes us...through my personal passion of photography....
one day at a time.  
Here is 05/365.


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