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Welcome the complete adorableness (is that a word?)  of Oakley to the blog! After having a run of super easy babies, I knew there was bound to be one soon who would put up a fight:) And oh boy, it was this youngest of three. He was not going to go down easy, he really put mom and I to the test. All the feeding and cuddling and rocking....nope he was still happy to just stare at us eyes wide open and not happy to be put down for his photos. So we had to call in the big guns....aka......DAD!!! He worked his magic and got Oakley into a deep, deep slumber and we were set to go for as long as we wanted. We got some amazing shots for this family to cherish.
This was one of the very first families I photographed in 2010 and it was just so great to have them come back with the arrival of newest addition. LOVE that!

 Oakley was happy to model my heart Valentine Hat and was my Valentines Day pic on cute!
 Mom, Angela is in the business of making these absolutley, stunning custom Paci-clips. If you would like to contact her for your own or a gift for someone having a baby you can do that at:

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