Speckman | Family Photographer | Surrey, BC

The Speckman's were a wonderful family to meet. I love my job as a photographer because I get to meet so many amazing new people. The great thing about it, is when people are getting their portraits done they are always happy & excited and looking their best. I find it an awesome challenge to meet people for the first time and try to capture their true spirit through my lens. It's always the moments when the camera isn't on them in between shots that I really see who they are and how they interact with each other. The Speckman family was so full of joy. Really we had one of the most miserable days to shoot in ~ rain was pouring down....and they were all looking so cute with dad & his baby boy wearing matching shirts and ties...oh my goodness! Adorable! They were so anticipating this family photo shoot and nothing, I mean nothing was going to get in their way. The whole time they were full of joy and even laughter as raindrops were splatting on dad's head and running down his face. Mom was slipping off the plastic bag I had brought to sit on. Not many people would find humour in this......but the Speckmans did. The photos turned out fabulous despite the rain and you can feel the warmth coming from this family. You guys were fabulous....enjoy your photos!!

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