To Skate......

It's 6:45am, I go into your little girl room with lilac walls, a mound of your favourite stuffys at the foot of your bed, and the latest book we are reading before bed on your nightstand. I gently whisper into your ear and cover your sweet face with kisses. "It's time to get up, you have to get ready for skating." You stretch and start to come out of whatever dream a 7 year old girl dreams about. A little smile, "Ok mom" you sit up and jump out of bed, groggily make your way to the couch for a little cartoons with your cheerios. As you eat, I begin the ritual of combing out your waist length hair, poker straight and shiny, smelling of the honey apple shampoo we used the night before. Pull it tightly back into a pony and twist it up into a bun.....lots of pins, a hairnet and hairspray to put all the little flyaways into place. Breakfast done, brush your teeth, wash your face, pull on your tights and skating dress, grab your water and snack. Check your bag for skates, ballet slippers, runners, skipping rope, gloves and sweater. It's just before 8:00am in July, you have just finished grade one and are on the summer break before heading back to school in Sept for grade two. While all of your friends are still in bed enjoying the lazy days of summer,
you are out the door heading to the rink five days a week,
four hours a day.........To Skate.

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Lisa said...

Beautiful Nikki--Paige looks like a pro out there :-)


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