Ann-Marie & Mark | Wedding Reception | Vancouver, BC

Ann-Marie & Mark wisked themselves off to Cuba to officially get married. Because not everyone they wanted to celebrate their nuptials with was able to make it to Cuba, they made sure to have a huge party of a reception when they got back home! The setting was the gorgeous Vancouver Golf Club. We lucked out with some perfect weather for the day and the 2nd game in the Stanley Cup playoffs featuring our local Vancouver Canucks was set to start. Anyone who knows Ann-Marie knows she LOVES her Canucks (almost as much as her new hubby)!
There was no way she was missing this game, so she convinced her very traditional father to allow a big screen TV in the buffet room so her guests and herself with her lucky Canucks scrunchie on her ankle could cheer the home team on.
This was a such a great group of people, I have never seen so much laughter, lightheartedness, and genuine love fill a room like this bunch did. Mark and Ann-Marie, I wish you both a lifetime of continued happiness, thankyou so much for sharing this special day with me.   

You guys are just so perfect! Seriously Ann-Marie you're gorge!
This is Ann-Marie's grandmother....isn't she just the cutest??

Here all the guests are gathered around the big screen waiting for the first period to end before continuing on with the festivities.

Mr & Mrs Carter.....

and there was dancing...oh there was lots of dancing!

The groom left the dancing up to his wife and preferred to mingle with the guests. She would make sure to join him for a few laughs before heading back out to boogie!

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Ann-Marie Carter (da Costa) said...

Thanks Nikki for capturing our day so perfectly! Your pictures will help us to keep the memories fresh in our hearts and minds for many years to come!


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