Photo Challenge day 6&7...

Whoops, I did post day 6 on FB but forgot to post it on my blog. So here are both days at one time. Day 6...I finished putting together the wedding package for Tamara & Jeremy and it was ready for pick-up. That was my last wedding for 2010 and I am now working on bookings for 2011.

Day 7....well you know when you have just had a couple of days or even a week of things just not going right or some self doubt on the path in life that you're on??? It always makes such an impact when someone comes along at the right time and WHAM, hits you with confidence. I have one client in particular who just seems to know when I need the Wham and today she walked in with a Vanilla Latte in hand.....for me. It was just what I needed. A little "just because you're you" coffee on a Friday morning. It made me smile and take a picture of the day. Thanks Kim!

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