It's Christmas morning, we are all in our prespective gift opening spots throughout the livingroom. You know the kids would never want their gifts to get mixed up in someone else's stash. So Trev in his Santa hat starts to hand out the gifts, paper and tags are flying, smiling faces, thankyous and hugs. Then he hands a gift to Aidan my middle child, my youngest son..."This one is for mom" Trev says. Aidan lights up and comes to sit beside me as he hands me my gift from him. "You will LOVE this, I searched everywhere for it" he says, with a grin & dimples that could melt anyones heart. Well, certainly I have no choice now but to LOVE it no matter what it may be. I open it up to discover a 1950's looking cardboard box that looks as though it has been around the block a few times. There are pictures and literature about the healing effects of the Salt Cystal Lamp on the box. Hmmmmmm...I am thinking that there must be something else in the box why would he ever get me a Salt lamp?? By now he is bursting and looking at me with eyes as big as saucers and his grin is now even bigger (if that is even possible) I open the box and.......pull out a Salt Crystal Lamp. "Wow, Aidan," before I could say anymore he jumps up and starts to tell me the whole story. "He saw it in a health store and knew right away I would love it...they were so beautiful and all different sizes and he talked dad into buying the bigger one than he wanted to.....and he forgot where the store was but ran through the mall and made dad keep up with him until he found it again......and don't you LOVE it????" I looked at him and smiled a great big smile, "Yes, Aidan, I LOVE it!" As much as I thought this would be a gift that sat somewhere on a shelf and represented another Christmas with kids......I was wrong. This lamp sits right beside me and my computer and every night after dinner is done and the kids are settled I sit by it's warm glow and edit......and LOVE it. It really is beautiful, just like my Aidan.

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Lisa said...

Awesome pics Nikki. What a beautiful gift from your son. I love the photo challange idea--I love looking at your blog so now that you are posting something every day--I will have to check back more often. Hope to see you soon. Lisa


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