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Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love spotting a wedding in progress. Usually coming out of a church or getting into a limo or if luck would have it in the park getting their formal portraits done! I can't help it...it draws me...I can't look away. Obsessive? Yup. Compulsive? You bet. Slightly crazy? Well, crazy can be good, can't it? Passionate?? It's my downfall! I love to watch and learn how the wedding photographers move from pose to pose, capturing the whole wedding party jumping in the air to just the bride & groom gazing into each others eyes like there is no one else around. Unless of course, they spot me, off behind a tree or bush trying not to look like a "stalker" :) If time allows I will casually follow the wedding party around and get completely lost in the photography end of it all. 
I know, nutso.  
This past Saturday was the jackpot! Three, count em, Three weddings in full portrait progress! The day started out innocently enough, the hubby & I decide to check out the Pioneer Days with our daughter at the Stewert Historic Farm and as soon as we pull in we spot a limo and a bride. I was so excited, my hubby knew what to do....gave me a kiss and took Paige off to check things out. He knew where I would be.... the official wedding paparazzi.
Oh don't get me wrong I still took breaks and checked in with Trev & Paige. I got to watch her milk a fake cow, hand wash some clothes in an old washing bin and play cupcake walk. She won four cupcakes. Quite the contrast to the stunning brides and bridesmaids walking past us. Can't help it...got to follow. I'll check in with these two again later.
Below are the photos I was discreetly taking....hey I wasn't the only one, there was a group of tourists snapping away too. So I just joined right in. There must be a support group out there for people like me, I need help. lol

It was hot and the bride and her maids were taking a break in the shade while the groom and his men were getting their photos done. So cute!
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And here's what Paige was doing.....

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