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I thought it would be fun to post a little blog story about my garden & my daughter. As long as I can remember we always had a veggie patch in our backyard growing up. The summer would come and with it a portion of dinner was picked from the garden. My brother and I would race out to the yard with our bowls and start collecting sugar snap peas, sweet cherry tomatoes and tender young zucchini. We would admire our fresh produce as we washed it and helped mom prep it for the family meal. When I finally had my own home one of the first things I planned out was my veggie patch. With every year the little patch of soil has gotten bigger. My kids love it when I ask them to head down to the garden and pick us some dinner! Big heads of fresh lettuce, sweet peppers, beans and peas. After we have eaten and the dishes are done, I'll head out to the back porch and see my daughter in the garden. It's early evening when the sun is starting to cool, but the soil is still warm. She will have the garden hoe or rake in hand, with her dirty little bare feet. She won't know I'm watching with a smile on my face as she hums a little tune and bends down to fix an onion top that has fallen over. She reminds me of myself and I feel my heart swell; I have passed on to her what my mom has passed on to me. To find beauty and joy in the simplest of life's pleasures......watching your garden grow :)

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Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures Nikki. Now I want a garden. Next year! :)


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