Gregg & Teri | Wedding Prep | Pitt Meadows, BC

So here is my first installment of Gregg & Teri's wedding. I am going to post it in sections as I go along. I was so thrilled to be able to shoot this wedding. Although I had done their engagement photos I was prepared to shoot a Sept fall wedding which was the original plan. Then I got a email from Teri with some "exciting news" the wedding was moved up by 4 months! They were scrapping the big wedding chaos and bringing it right down to quaint and intimate....just like them. I checked my schedule, juggled a few things around and made sure I was available for this day. As far as I'm concered it's just plain not right to shoot the engagement and miss the wedding!!
So here is the beautiful Teri getting ready for her big day.....

Gregg & Teri get married.

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