Update!! Sneak Peeks & Mini Sessions....

Big shout out to all my families......THANKYOU!! Thanks for being so patient. I have been working on shooting and editing and then shooting some more...I am a little behind in the sneak peeks because I am trying to get the completed sessions out to families in time to send out for Christmas. I must say I am enjoying meeting all these lovely families and taking photos of my good friends as well. Here are some of the sessions I have been working on and took some time out to post on my blog. Now back to editing and sending orders to the lab and packaging. Whew ~ now I know what Santa must feel like :)
Tis the Season!

Meet the Aikins' kids! I have known Anita & Joe for many years and welcomed each one of their children with joy. When Anita asked me to do a Christmas mini session with the 3 kids I couldn't wait. Even better baby #4 four is on the way scheduled to arrive on Christmas Day! Watch for that newborn session coming soon!

Next meet the Christiansens' This was a great new family to meet. They also have three kids and wanted to get some Christmas family portraits done with their newest little additon. These guys were full of fun and laughter even though we were getting soaked in the rain and the kids started to FREEZE it was so cold & wet. We made it through and got some great shots....check out their sneak peek!

Next up is the Warwick family. I did a family session for them in the late spring and other members of the extended family liked it so much they decided to do a larger group mini session for Christmas.
 We met up at the local school and had some fun using the colorful school walls, fall trees and playground. This was such a fun group they were pretty much up for anything. Here are some of their pics from the session. Enjoy!

Finally, here is a sneak peek of the Barlow/Lundie family. Now these guys were a HOOT! One of the most entertaining photo shoots to date for me. We have been trying to get together for a shoot since last Spring. What do you expect when you have one in the police force, another in the fire dept, mom teaching full-time and the cutest little girl with blond curls? Yup, busy schedules. We finally made it work and so glad we did. We had grandma and uncle join us and we had an absolute blast. These are a few of the tamer, more traditional photos....I'll save the crazy stuff for their full session post :)

Here is what I am currently working on: The SAITO family full session cd. ALYSSA newborn sneak peek. SIEVERS family sneak peek. GHENT family sneak peek. LAPEYRE wedding sneak peek.
I am looking forward to getting alot of editing done this weekend! I'll keep you all posted.
Cheers Nikki!

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Lisa said...

Nikki I love the snow pictures and the family photo on the playground what a clever idea.


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