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How could I resist this weeks challenge over at "I heart faces"? I have one of those.....TEENAGERS! How my world has changed, mostly for the better and on occassion the worst. My funny, witty, moody, too cool, voice changing, earbud wearing, cell phone texting & hairy son! Things have sure changed from when I was a teenager, but some things are still so much the same. The scarey thing is, it wasn't that long ago that I don't remember some of the things he is going through. The passage of manhood (well, for me it was womenhood), through it all I love him like crazy, but try not to hover and let him learn things that I know will make him a stronger person in the future.
This photo represents a passage, a sign of teenage-hood.....14 & braces :)
I ♥ U....and I especially ♥ this'll always be my first born baby.

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hcrjfrandall said...

Cute shot! My 13 yr old daughter got her braces 6 wks ago. Don't they grow up fast?

Christina said...

Beautiful smile!

Sheryl Salisbury said...

Love the shot. Great clarity!

Robin said...

Great energy coming out of the photo! Very nice.


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