Happy Birthday to my little Taurus!

It was 12 years ago today my world changed forever. I gave birth to my second little blessing, my son Aidan Tallis. He came into this world faster than I was ready for, screaming at the top of his lungs, a big healthy cry ~ what every mother wants to hear seconds after their baby takes their first breath. It's been 12 years and he hasn't stopped screaming when he is happy, sad or excited! This second born child of mine is full of life. I have had my days when I think I don't have the energy to deal with his emotions ~ but if I just muster through I am rewarded with his overpowering LOVE! His love for life, his love for his family, his love for his imagination and creativity and his exhuberant love for me. He is true to his celestial sign born under the Bull ~ stubborn to the end, but he is just as much warm, gentle & passionate. His sweet dimples and beautiful curls melt my heart. He has tought me patience & compassion and I would never change a day he's been in my life. I have been truly blessed..... I love you my Aidy, Happy Birthday!!

Home sick from school, snoozin' with Tiger.

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Colleen said...

Happy Happy Birthday! They sure do change your life, don't they?! In more ways than we can imagine. Wonderful pictures!


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