Crescent Beach

I decided that my daughter and I needed a Beach Day! She has still been feeling a little blue since the loss of her budgie, Tango. I thought the perfect pick-me-up kind of afternoon could be at the beach. With a quick drive after skating lessons last Sunday, we ended up walking along the sand in the sunshine, breathing in the salty ocean air and listening to the waves and seagulls cry out to each other.....Perfection!
We pretty much had the place to ourselves since every other breathing, living person was taking in the last Olympic event ~ Canada vs USA gold hockey game.
We weren't completely out of the loop though...with the abrupt hooting, hollaring and yes, even fireworks from all the beach houses around us, we knew.....Canada Won Gold!
We celebrated with ice-cream cones and a beautiful sunset.

Just couldn't resist throwing this one up....GOld Canada GOld!!

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