Beautiful Whistler, B.C.

Whistler Mountain is famous for it's natural beauty. It represents the great outdoors and what B.C. is well known for. Even if you don't go to ski, there is still so much to experience. I for one have no longing to "hit the slopes". I did my fair share of skiing in my younger years and at this point in my life don't feel the need for speed-ing down huge slippery mountain sides. I leave that to my kids.
We decided that this past weekend; to take in Olympic history in the making, and enjoy other adventures besides skiing, or in my boys case...snowboarding.
One of the most beautiful walks you can take while in Whistler is along the Village Trail. It's a beautiful pathway that goes from the Creekside part of Whistler to the main village. You walk past stunning natural scenery around every corner. The colors are amazing and the air is so fresh. My three kids just couldn't stay on the path layed out in front of them, what fun is that. Instead they climbed and jumped and investigated every nook and cranny to either side of the path!
I was behind them all the way with my camera just a clickin' You can't beat the backdrop Mother Nature provides. Enjoy life....

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